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This is an icon image of a drone.

Drone Data Collection

Safe data collection utilizing unmanned aerial systems equipped with HD photo, video and thermal imaging cameras.

Mapping & Elevation

Mapping, elevation, and measurement data compatible with AutoDesk, ArcGIS and other software.

This is an icon image of power lines.

Inspection Services

Utiliy and infrastructure inspections utilizing thermal imaging and high resolution camera systems.

Insurance & Claims

Aerial image data for risk monitoring, fighting fraud, and pre-storm image data.

The Process

Our process can be customized to suit your needs.

  • This image displays a quadcopter drone with a 50 megapixel camera mount.

    The Platform

    Using drone technology, we safely perform aerial inspections from the ground. Our drones carry high resolution photo, video, and thermal imaging camera systems providing you with actionable data.

  • This image displays an aerail view of a wind turbine.

    The Work

    We handle all flight services so you don't have to navigate the rules and regulations required in commercial drone flights and we make it easy to implement drones into your operations and maintenance programs.

  • Utility Drone Inspection Company Iowa

    The Result

    The result is a safe and cost effective solution for utility tower, wind turbine, power line, storm damage, vegetation and infrastructure inspections. We collect image data and analyze the results, providing documentation and notification of risk areas.

This is an image of utility power lines being inspected visually.


Image of wind turbines being inspected with a drone.


This image displays and aerial view of powerlines going through trees. .


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